Here are some resources our team has collected:


Osgoode Hall (Legal and Literary Society)


UBC Law Society
Phi Delta Phi

UofM (Courtesy Ed Chan)

Manitoba Law Students Association

University of Ottawa (Common Law Student Society)


Windsor Law

Phi Delta Phi (UBC)

Michael Dew



TwistLaw (McGill/International)

Outline Depot (International – some Canadian schools)

Outlines (International – some Canadian schools)

Adam Letourneau of Law, Eh? Canadian Law School (need to contact him)

Dead or Inactive Links

UBC (appears dead)

UofC (appears dead)

Melanie’s Law Notes (UofM) (currently dead)
If you know of any other online summary banks, please let us know and we can add it to the list. Some students have told us that their schools, like UofC, have databases available to their students only.