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2008 Canadian Law Blog Awards FinalistThe 2008 Canadian Law Blog Awards are out for the year.

Law is Cool won the Legal Culture Award in 2007.

This year we were a runner up for the Legal Culture Award, which we’re still honoured to have.  First place went to Slaw after Law is Cool founder Omar Ha-Redeye joined their team.

3) Legal Culture Award – Slaw evolved in 2008, drawing in more Canadian blogging talent (see Omar & the Daves!) and producing even more quality commentary.  Despite my own involvement, this year’s nomination process (and Blawggies award) support what I’ve always known: Slaw has become a beacon for what Canadian law blogs have to offer.   Runner ups: Law is Cool, Precedent.

A review of all the winners and finalists demonstrate the collaborative nature of the legal blogosphere, with many cross-collaborations and cooperation on various sites.

We can also take this opportunity to thank the many legal professionals that have helped this site continue, our contributors for their hard work, and and all of our readers for their dedication.

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