Omar Ha-Redeye, Law is Cool Founder, joins Slaw

After founding this site in the summer of 2007, it has quickly grown into the largest law school website in Canada.

It has been a great experience, not without challenges, but the time has come to take on new initiatives.

For that reason, I’m pleased to share that I’m accepting an invitation to join Slaw, “a cooperative Canadian weblog on things legal.” It’s really an honour to share the same web space with the biggest legal names in Canada.

You can see my posts there for this week:

Our site here has grown enough that we have many regular contributors and several editors that can keep it running. I’ll still be around and contribute, but my attention is obviously divided between two sites now.

And for any students out there who doubt that blogging on legal issues (as opposed to your personal life, happenings at law school, etc.) is a good way to build relationships with senior practitioners in the field, please do take note. We’re always willing to consider serious and dedicated law students interested in joining the team.

I’ll also be launching a personal site in the near future to keep track of some of my professional activities, including an upcoming book publication with Oxford University Press.

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  1. Congratulations, Omar! Good luck in your new endeavours.

  2. Good on you! Slaw is one of the best legal blogs in Canada, hands-down.

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