LawIsCool hits Top 10 in Canada

Canadian LawyerGerry Blackwell of Canadian Lawyer just named this site one of the “Luminaries of the Canadian blawgosphere.”

Criteria he used in his selection include:

  • consistency of posting (weekly minimum)
  • lively and well designed
  • brevity and succinctness of posts
  • focused on law
  • engaging and discussion

Here’s his description of us:

Launched last year by a group of Canadian law students, this is another impressive example of the many heads approach. Law is Cool’s primary audience is other students, both current and aspiring (see Law21 post referenced above). The authors hope it will also help young lawyers preparing for bar exams, as well as the general public. The almost-daily posts, of varying but generally quite decent quality, range from the humorous (“Chimps Decry Discrimination“) to the brief and informational (new QuickCITE feature in LexisNexis) to serious legal commentary and analysis (use of CCTV cameras, striking down of the Safe Third Country Agreement).

Some of the other sites he mentions, using his “no particular order,” include:

You can view the text version of the magazine here (see page 24).

Congratulations to all.


Gary Wise of the Wise Law Blog extends his congratulations as well. He also lists some honourable mentions:

Cavanagh Williams · Rob Hyndman · Connie Crosby Law Librarian Blog · Andrew Feldstein’s Blawg · Thoughts from a Management Lawyer · Toronto Employment Law Blog · The Court

About the Author

Law is Cool
This site is intended to provide a resource for those interested in law. Current law students, graduates preparing for their bar exam, and members of the general public, can all benefit from a deeper understanding of the legal framework that helps shape our society.

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  1. Thanks for the link, also.

    Hey, do you think that the blog is accurately named, when it has been updated since 2005?

    LawIsCool: Good point. We probably should eventually clear out the old and dead links, perhaps over the summer.

  2. Thanks for the mention! You are very kind. :-)

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