Announcing the Launch of ObiterTweet by Steven Pulver

By: Omar Ha-Redeye · November 23, 2009 · Filed Under Law Career, Law School, Technology · Comments Off on Announcing the Launch of ObiterTweet by Steven Pulver 

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It’s a law student’s dream – or maybe a nightmare.  Law firm recruiters scouring social media networks to find an appropriate candidate for their firm.

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The current recruitment process does little to reveal the personality, collegiality, drive and habits of applicants.  It does nothing to demonstrate their business connections, an important quality for “finders,” or political involvement, for firms that engage in lobbying and government relations.

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The majority of law students do spend hours on social media platforms, usually behind walled gardens that they think are impermeable, so why wouldn’t law firms go where they are?  We’ve already seen Edward Prutschi discuss how his firm used Twitter during articling recruitment, which helped them find Joel Welch.

Earlier today Michael Fitzgibbons of Borden, Ladner, Gervais LLP in Toronto pointed to this Globe article, showing an increasing trend by employers to use social media for recruitment.  But is this just commentary about management-side employment practices, or could law firms be using it too?  What about BLG, the largest law firm in Canada? (Hi Halla!)

The firm does have a Facebook group for employees, and another one for law students and lawyers to connect.

But the telling sign is a tweet from last Friday by the firm,

The Toronto office of BLG is looking for a Financial Services Associate with 3 to 4 years experience #law #job #career

Borden Ladner Gervais

It appears as if Bay St. firms are not only using Twitter for recruiting, but they’re using shortened urls and hash tags properly too!  Kudos.

For our part, law students are trying to meet the law firms half way.

Enter the brainchild of Steven Pulver – a 1L at UWO  – the first-ever Chief Technology Officer for our Student Legal Society.  Pulver is working on ObiterTweet, an upcoming platform to help law students and law firms interact.

Or as he says,

Twitter, Meet Law School.

Law firms, meet Twitter at Law School too.  Send him an email if you’re interested in participating.

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