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0:26 Thomas and Omar catch up on the first semester of law, and the absolutely true horror stories of law school

3:10 Thomas and Omar discuss essay option classes

3:50 Thomas and Omar talk about motivation, actually doing assigned work, and study techniques

4:37 Omar talks about the CLawBie Award, and Marie Winfield’s focus on Global Conference on the Prevention of Genocide in Montreal

5:10 Stanley Khaing of UWO interned with Bridges Across Borders in Cambodia working on reconciliation with the Khmer Rouge

Ralph Nader6:28 Lindsey Aufricht, President of International Law Association at Western, shares her experiences at the Global Conference on the Prevention of Genocide

7:29 Lindsey describes her work in chambers for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

9:45 Ralph Nader describes law as the catalytic profession, because they are not as easily intimidated and they can bring evidence from other fields to advance justice in society

10:32 Ralph Nader speaks on a public philosophy of life and creating a higher estimation of your significance

11:15 Ralph Nader speaks on Canada’s modest self-perception, and his book Canada Firsts, how Canada ranks highest in the world on dozens of issues

12:41 Omar and Thomas introduce Melissa Kluger, whose site was the runner-up for our CLawBie award

13:35: Melissa tells us how the idea for Precedent magazine developed

14:21 Melissa speaks on the transition from blog to magazine, and how it was useful in building relationships with readers

Melissa Kluger15:14 Melissa shares some of the upcoming content in Precedent magazine, and examples of law and style coming together

16:21 Melissa explains how Precedent magazine can be useful to law students

17:00 Lawyers and students interested in the magazine are encouraged to read the material, and contact them with ideas if interested in getting involved Melissa [at] lawandstyle[dot]ca

17:36 Omar thanks everyone who has made LawIsCool possible: Gary Schlee at Centennial College, Donna Papacosta of Trafalgar Communications, and Terry Fallis and David Jones of Inside PR

18:14 Thomas signs off