Articling is Good for Your Mental Health

By: Omar Ha-Redeye · July 28, 2008 · Filed Under Labour & Employment Law, Law Career, Law School · 4 Comments 

brian bellArticling is also good for relieving stress. At least that’s what Brian Bell would claim.

Bell is CEO of the Windsor Public Library. He accumulated enough sick days to take time off from work. He even provided notes from his doctor saying he was stressed and overworked. But then they found out he was articling during his time off.

We’ve talked about other lawyers who double dip at jobs. But they weren’t CEOs of a publicly funded system, nor did they claim mental health to do so.

Bell had his legal education paid for by the generous library system’s education program. He has not indicated that running a major institution while taking law classes may have added to his stress.

The kicker is that Bell is still receiving his CEO salary, at a whopping $133,000 a year. He wisely declined to be compensated for his articling.

h/t Simon Chester of sLaw