Podcast: Chris Bredt and BLG Climbing a Mountain (Episode 25)

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In this podcast Omar Ha-Redeye speaks to Christopher Bredt of Borden, Ladner, Gervais LLP about his plans to clime Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa.

Bredt will be accompanied by partners in his firm, Sean Weir, Shelley Munro, William Carter and Michael Smith.

The climb is a fundraiser for the Canadian Organization for Development through Education (CODE). You can donate to the climbers directly through the CODE climbers page.

For more on CODE, see the video below.

Devin Johnston, who has been running the podcasts here recently, is now articling. Current and incoming students interested in taking over these responsibilities can contact us directly.

Announcing the Launch of ObiterTweet by Steven Pulver

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It’s a law student’s dream – or maybe a nightmare.  Law firm recruiters scouring social media networks to find an appropriate candidate for their firm.

The current recruitment process does little to reveal the personality, collegiality, drive and habits of applicants.  It does nothing to demonstrate their business connections, an important quality for “finders,” or political involvement, for firms that engage in lobbying and government relations.

The majority of law students do spend hours on social media platforms, usually behind walled gardens that they think are impermeable, so why wouldn’t law firms go where they are?  We’ve already seen Edward Prutschi discuss how his firm used Twitter during articling recruitment, which helped them find Joel Welch.

Earlier today Michael Fitzgibbons of Borden, Ladner, Gervais LLP in Toronto pointed to this Globe article, showing an increasing trend by employers to use social media for recruitment.  But is this just commentary about management-side employment practices, or could law firms be using it too?  What about BLG, the largest law firm in Canada? (Hi Halla!)

The firm does have a Facebook group for employees, and another one for law students and lawyers to connect.

But the telling sign is a tweet from last Friday by the firm,

The Toronto office of BLG is looking for a Financial Services Associate with 3 to 4 years experience http://bit.ly/2RJO9I #law #job #career

Borden Ladner Gervais

It appears as if Bay St. firms are not only using Twitter for recruiting, but they’re using shortened urls and hash tags properly too!  Kudos.

For our part, law students are trying to meet the law firms half way.

Enter the brainchild of Steven Pulver – a 1L at UWO  – the first-ever Chief Technology Officer for our Student Legal Society.  Pulver is working on ObiterTweet, an upcoming platform to help law students and law firms interact.

Or as he says,

Twitter, Meet Law School.

Law firms, meet Twitter at Law School too.  Send him an email if you’re interested in participating.

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Canadian Lawyer Magazine Mentions Law is Cool

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The June issue of Canadian Lawyer magazine mentions this site in connection with an article on how lawyers can use online platforms for client development.

Even law students are using the Twitter-blog combination to get their names out there and position themselves in the field. Omar Ha-Redeye, a second-year student at the University of Western Ontario law school, has garnered a lot of attention through his blog as well as through the web sites Law is Cool and Slaw, too, which he says is already benefiting him as he develops a reputation well before he graduates. “I have lots of informal mentorships with lots of lawyers practising in the field.”

Omar Ha-Redeye’s review of the piece can be found on Slaw.

The article also interviewed Erik Magraken of MacIsaac & Co, Deborah Glendinning of Osler Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, Rick Powers of the Rotman School of Management, Simone Hughes at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Michael Rabinovici of AR Communications Inc, Dan Michaluk and Susan Carnevale of Hicks Morley Hamilton Stewart Storie LLP, Michael Rynowecer of BTI Consulting Group Inc., and David Diamond of Diamond & Diamond Lawyers.

Health Law: What Does It Mean To You?

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The Health Law Student Association (HLSA) at the University of Ottawa brings together people who have a common interest in the area of Health Law.

However, when questioned, most members of the HLSA (myself included) will probably struggle for some kind of coherent definition. The more I plunge into the depths of Health Law, the more I realize that a definitive scope of what Health Law entails is just not a reality.

Instead, the ebb and flow of the Health Law stream seems highly dependent on the particular lawyer or health practitioner you ask, on the particular law firm, organization, or hospital you’re involved with, or simply on the whim of the funding allocation decisions of the government of the day.

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