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Auditions for Third Canada-wide Twitter Moot opened

  Vancouver.  West Coast Environmental Law is inviting law students from across Canada to participate in a unique social media competition.  The “Twitter Moot”, to be held on Friday, February 28th, 2014, at 10am PST, will…

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Every Tuesday in October is #CBAfuturesChat

Every Tuesday in October is #CBAfuturesChat, hosted by Law is Cool alumni Omar Ha-Redeye of Fleet Street Law. The CBA Futures Initative is a project that is reaching out to lawyers across Canada to talk…

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Dean Spade: For Those Considering Law School

Dean Spade of Seattle University School of Law gets lots of inquiries from people considering law school.  Here are some points that he emphasizes they may have overlooked: Most legal work maintains systems of maldistribution, it…