Intellectual Property

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What, What, In the Butt?

Yes, this video is actually being litigated on copyright infringement grounds. Summary from Electronic Frontier Foundation, South Park aired the “What What” parody in a 2008 episode critiquing the popularity of absurd online videos. Two…

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Facebook ‘Friend Poaching’

When was the last time you sent a friend request on Facebook? When was the last time you got sued for it? Complexions v Complexions Day Spa & Facebook, is, according to Santa Clara Internet Law…

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Prisoner’s copyright

Inmate rights are a lost cause for an average politician. If anything, legislators are more likely to push for harsher sentences, more hurdles to parole, and less money for rehabilitation. Of course, history knows prisoners…

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The stakes of copyright reform

Not many government bills cause so much debate as C-32—the legislation to amend Canada’s Copyright Act—introduced on June 2, 2010. One of C-32’s most contentious innovations is a complete ban on bypassing digital locks on…