Civil Rights

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Excerpts from Open Letter to the Head of Judiciary: the Islamic Republic of Iran re the imprisonment of 7 Iranian Baha’is on baseless and unproved charges and other human rights violations of followers of Iran’s largest religious minority

In this open letter addressed to the head of Iranian Judiciary, Mohammad Sadeq Larijani, the Baha’i International Community criticizes the judicial administrative process and brings into light the abuse of the legal process and numerous violations of Iranian Constitution, while calling into question judiciary’s impartiality, and reminding the Head of judiciary of stark lack of any evidence in the charges laid against 7 members of the Baha’i administrative body of Iran who have are sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment.

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CSIS tapped phone despite order

Can you blame people if their response to this kind of news is cynicism? CSIS tapped phone despite order Agents violated solicitor-client privilege, recorded 171 calls involving accused terrorist By Andrew Duffy, The Ottawa Citizen…

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More Collaboration Between NCRs

One of the upsides from the fallout of the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” is that there is a clear acknowledgment that Islamophobia likely ranks the highest out of any form of discrimination. This has likely…