Law is Cool top ranked again

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A Dime a Dozen Political Blog ranks Law is Cool as one of the top 25 political blogs this summer.

1. – pr7 – 182,020
2. – pr6 – 169,602
3. – pr6 – 266,842

23. – pr5 – 874,663

A basic right

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Allan Rouben explains what trial within reasonable time is and a June 2009 SCC decision in R. v. Godin.

Essential tech skills for law students

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David Canton continues a discussion of essential tech skills for lawyers on Slaw.

In addition to my comment to his post, I suggest learning to back your data up. USB keys and external hard drives don’t cut it. Back up your data off-site over the Internet to protect against hardware failure, fire, flood, or theft.

Make sure the backup provider encrypts your data both in transit and on their servers. I use Amazon S3 with the Jungle Disk client software. It’s not free but it’s cheap.

I wouldn’t trust free services when it comes to data anyway.

Jobs for Law Grads

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US law students are worried about jobs after the best job market in 20 years starts heading down. Should we be too?