Work and Family – Finding the right balance….for Lawyers

By: Tamir Salomon


Finding the right balance between work and family is a tough hill to climb, but it is very much attainable. With the right amount of preparation and vision, we can all find the balance that hangs above our heads. There are several steps to be taken in order to achieve a well balanced lifestyle between work and family, each persons scenario will vary depending on the paths they have chosen.

When it comes to the legal world, the hill becomes higher, the hours become longer and the balance grows heavier on the other side. If we take certain actions towards the struggle, we can overcome what might be one of the hardest struggles in life.


Make a list of the things you need to do, prioritize them in order of most important to things that can wait. If you need to divide the workload between you and your significant other, so be it. Don’t get caught up on missing social events and ‘fun stuff’ you are used to doing. Make little notes for yourself to keep you on the right track.

Don’t always rely on one plan of attack, have a secondary plan in case your first doesn’t go the way you planned. Have someone close to you look after your kids, whether it be family, friend or paid caregiver, to relive some stress and allow you to meet deadlines.

Work-life isn’t about tension between work and life, says Peter Block, it is about doing what is more meaningful, useful and practical in life. It really is up to the individual at hand, whether the job before them is being held to its highest regard, or is their family just as or even more important to them.

The truth is, what is the point of working so hard, if you cannot enjoy your hard work. I think this concept really applies to those who work in larger law firms are opposed to the smaller firms out there. As long as the person is satisfied and is meeting the expectations set out for themselves, the rest should follow suit.

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