Life Work Balance: Attainable, “Yes” or “No”

By A. Small

There seems to be a lot of controversy whether a life work balance can exist, as I have found out by reading various articles posted on the internet.

I read the struggle that all people have to achieve this. The articles are reflecting directly on legal professionals in and out of law firms. Noting in the articles both large corporations and small independent legal businesses as well.

It can be thought that being a professional is the all consuming nature of the job which can happen when one does not consciously make a decision to create a balance in their life. This all consuming nature of a job in my opinion is not only in the legal profession but is often felt by men and woman, all ages and in all aspects of life. Everyone must determine to have their own sense of what is important and that can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly plan. Life is ever changing and what may be important at the age of 25- 30, such as entering the work force and creating a successful career, may not seem as important to one who is 35-45 and has entered the next phase of life. I disagree with the issue of woman complaining about daycare and the sacrifices they make in regards to their family and children. When life changes and we go from a striving young professional to entering into family life one has to decide what balance works best for them. Make a choice and be happy with the choices we make. If you realize that your choice was not bringing you the balance you were looking for make changes again. I have gone from; a chef to being a full time mother of three to becoming a law clerk and now taking another step to find my balance in becoming a licensed paralegal. The road is never ending the journey is never complete and the balance can be obtained.

Life is all about balance and choices whether it is work, home, school or social activities. I believe that if one wants to succeed and is driven that all things are attainable. It should not be a question of being a lawyer, paralegal, doctor, mother or any other profession that brings this question of balance and attainability but the goal in all people to find happiness in life. An unbalanced life will always cause distress and unhappiness. So everyone’s goal should be balance and the realization that if you set your goals and balance your day to day life success and happiness will be the end result. Paralegals and Lawyers can choose where to work and try to have flexible hours. They can chose what balance will work if they have extra or flexible time and what in their lives will give a good balance.

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