Life of a lawyer in a tug of war between job and family



Life of a lawyer in a  tug of war between job and family

–          By Deepika Choudhary

Being a lawyer and a Parent at a same time is a difficult job but if you manage the things in a proper manner, life will be easy. Coming of a baby in life will change your priorities and all you need is a plan to manage your affairs. There are various lawyers who are career oriented but at the same time fulfill their duties towards family in a responsible manner.

In a profession like lawyer, where there is no certainty of working hours, your professional and personal life get jeopardize. Moreover, sole or small practitioner have much more time for their family as compare  to who works in large firms .At the same time, if you work in supportive environment , your tension to coordinate between  job and family will reduce .

There are tips for balancing work and family:

–          Organise your work

–          Always have backup plan

–          Use of technology will help u to do tackle unexpected problems efficiently

–          Help of a supportive spouse or friend will help you a lot

Child care is also a good option for parents who are working.  Take an example, a lawyer dealing with an important case in the court whose child is sick at home, he/she cannot concentrate on the proceeding. Therefore, a child care option is best for working parents.  This will help you to concentrate on your job because you will be satisfied that your child is in safe hands at home. In addition to this, nanny will also help you in doing the household work, like -cleaning a house.

There was a survey conducted on working parents and the results were drastic. 88 % of among them said that they suffer from at least one stress-related health problem since becoming a working parent.

Moreover, one should not neglect himself or herself in this tug of war. Make sure you do proper body exercises, go for outing and also do not give up your hobbies which make you happy.

Always discuss your situation with your employer. Be firm in your needs when negotiating with your employer. They will understand your situation as they must have been gone thorough the same at some point of time in their life. In 21st century, this issue is not related to female only, males are also equally going through this problem of juggling between work and family.

In nutshell, it can be said that as long as there is a proper time management and plan nothing will stop you to become a good lawyer as well as ideal parent.




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