Attaining a Work-life Balance in Todays World

By: Maneet Salh

Lawyers have one of the toughest jobs when it comes to balancing work and life. It has become very difficult to live the life one wants and the life one needs to live in order to put food on the table.

When we think of work-life balance we mainly think of women and their children, but men are also joining women with this stuggle. Both men and women alike are seeking flexible hours that will allow them to enjoy their lives.

I believe that with the proper techniques that it is possible to attain a worklife balance. According to Jatrine Bensi-Enchill, some of the easiest ways to attain a work-life balance is by taking the following 6 steps:
• Determine your values and priorities
• Identify “blockers”
• Balance your mind
• Creat “non-negotiable” time blocks
• Hire a professional coach
• Create a vision

Sometimes it can be the smallest thing that can make a difference in your work-life balance, for example picking a suitable practice. Consider whether a larger firm will work with your lifestyle, and consider the individuals within the firm- have they experienced some of the same problems as you? What about a smaller practice? Working for yourself? Let employers know about personal commitments that you may have, consider other work arrangements.Julie Stauffer talks about these adaptions in more depth in her article, “Successfully Juggling Work and Family: Tips for Lawyers”. She also goes over 6 steps that can help you achieve a work-life balance:

1. Be organized: You need to start being more efficient with your time, do not waste it on little things that can put you behind in work or family time.
2. Have a plan B: Its always best to have a backup plan, especially when it comes to kids. Have a few phone numbers on hand, if you need to stay late at the office and cannot make it back to pick up the kids.
3. Make use of technology: Use all the technology we have to your advantage- laptops, cell phones, e-mails, etc.
4. Foster supportive partner and family memberships: Respect one another’s work schedule, be understanding.
5. Carve out time for yourself: Do not forget about yourself! Fuel yourself once in a while, get a way, go for a jog, plan a mini vacation.
6. Keep your expectations realistic: There will never be that perfect balance you seek for, and remember that.

I believe that it is possible to achieve that work-life balance though it will be difficult, it can be done!

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