A Balanced Work-Life

By Vicky Medeiros

The legal industry is extremely competitive; individuals dedicate hours of hard work and commitment to adhere to the occupational pressures. Thanks to television shows like Suits, the legal profession is portrayed as a glamour career, though realistically many individuals have to sacrifice much of their personal freedom to become successful legal professionals.

Many legal professionals struggle to balance their professional life with their personal life. So, who is responsible for one’s unbalanced work-life? According to Work-life balance up to lawyers, not firms, Stephen Mabey believes that you only have yourself to blame. Mabey states, “work-life balance is an individual’s decision not the firm’s”.

No one can make you happy other than yourself. It is important to evaluate one’s priorities and take the necessary steps to becoming a happier legal professional.

Though it is difficult to manage a demanding career choice and a personal life, it is not impossible. In Successfully Juggling Work and Family: Tips for Lawyers, Julie Stauffer illustrates “Six Tips for Balancing Work and Family”, which includes:

  • Being organized
  • Having a backup plan
  • Making use of technology
  • Encourage supportive partner and family relationships
  • Making time for yourself
  • Keeping realistic expectations

Work-life balance is based on the professional and personal choices one makes. Nicole Garton-Jones states in her article, The Myth of Work Life Balance in Law, “it will be up to individual lawyers themselves to decide what balance means to them and then make it happen”. It is up to the individual to change his or her path in life. Too many individuals sit back and expect his or her life to change without putting forth the effort.  In order to successfully balance a work-life, it is important to take the necessary steps in changing the dynamic of one’s professional career to incorporate the important element of one’s personal life.

Balance is the key to any lifestyle. Though diligence and perseverance is essential to a successful career, a balanced work-life is essential in attaining happiness.


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