Working in the Legal Field — Practice Videos


  • As my college professor/lawyer, Omar Ha Redeye, teaches–creating videos, blogs and websites–go along way to helping paralegal graduates obtain work.  This would apply to newly minted lawyers as well.
  • Omar has our “Communication and Writing” class post on-line content and make videos.
  • Professor/Paralegal Michelle Pinto in her “Advocacy” class joins Omar in encouraging us, through the use of graded assignments, to learn more about how to utilize social media for our benefit.
  • Both blend the theoretical with the practical and, in so doing, model how to be successful in educating and marketing ourselves in the process with an eye to one day educating the public about the law.



  • Purpose of Assignments:  to aid students in becoming fully knowledgeable about the law and how best to self-represent within all settings, including social media.
  • Secondary Benefit:  education and experience in how to represent the law and ourselves can only benefit the public.

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