Law School Tech Chat to discuss Law Student’s Social Media usage

By: Peter MacDonald · November 6, 2013 · Filed Under Law School, Law School Tips · Add Comment 

Last month this blog focused on the twitter chat #CBAfuturesChat, which was a student focused consultation run by the Canadian Bar Association’s Future’s initiative. Now that it’s November, the twitter chat has shifted to a more professional, practicing lawyer focused consultation, but law school students are of course still welcome.

Last night saw at least one familiar student still participating, @JMackenzieLaw engaged in a conversation about the use of technology in law with lawyers, professors and business consultants.

If you are a law student, and interested in learning more about how your peers are using social media, consider checking out next week’s episode of the Podcast Law School Tech Chat. It is a weekly podcast by faculty of American Lawschools that discusses issues of Tech use in Lawschool, and this coming week they will be discussing students and social media, so check it out!


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