James Wegener of #TRUlaw makes Social Media Highlight Reel

James Wagner

James Wegner, a law student and editor in chief of the  at British Columbia’s Thompson River’s University has made this week’s Law is Cool social media highlight reel.  James made the highlight reel after his performance last week at the #CBAfutureChat.  James came to the half hour session and shared his thoughts on the state of legal education in Canada with students and the broader legal community last Tuesday.  His clear answers and thought provoking followups saw him quoted in the CBA Legal Future’s Initiative’s  weekly summary of the twitter chat.

I followed up with James to ask him a few questions about social media and the study of law.

Q. Do you have a strategy when it comes to social media? Do you have any goals you are trying to achieve?

A. As a law student, one of the main things on my mind is making sure my profile looks professional.  I tested this a couple of days ago by googling myself, and I was pretty happy with what came up.  Using social media or blogging is just another way for potential employers and the broader legal community to get to know you.

Q. You mentioned blogging, I just read a post you wrote on ‘The Sports Law Canary’, what sparked your interest in blogging?

A. It was an opportunity a professor presented to my sports law class.  I thought it was a great opportunity to get my name out there and write about something interesting.

Q. Is it common for students at #TRUlaw to use social media like that?

A. I think it’s something a few students do, there are a few students on twitter who are using it rather smart.  They tweet about human rights, for example, and other issues they care about.  There are a lot of people on linkedin too, which is relatively new, but also great for interacting with the legal community.  Everyone of my classmates use social media, some use it for branding and networking, while some only use it for personal connections.

Congratulations to James for being the first to make the LawIsCool social media highlight reel.  If you are a law student who is looking for a chance to be featured here, make sure to participate in the weekly twitter chats hosted by the CBA Futures Initiative.  #CBAFuturesChat, every Tuesday in October.