Online Law School Suggests Playlists for Students

Washington University in St. Louis offers a chance to earn a Master of Law online, but sometimes online education lacks the seriousness and gravity of studying law in a fancy stone building with wooden floors and books on the walls.

Well, now you can at least feel fancy while you study in your underpants.  WashingtonU has posted a playlist of classical music it suggests can help increase students’ concentration and retention.

In all likelihood, a student who is ready to to work towards their Masters probably has a fairly decent study routine down, but the thought is nice, and the use of spotify shows that at least this law school know’s how the internet works.

1 Comment on "Online Law School Suggests Playlists for Students"

  1. I’m a huge fan of online schools. I think people learn in different ways, different time-tables, and under different pressures. However, I have trouble believing that the first year law experience of the Socratic method can be replicated on-line.

    The complete fear that runs through you, and then having to learn to think on your feet in response was invaluable to me.

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