Chess Master, You May Approach the Bench

By: Ivan Merrow · April 8, 2013 · Filed Under Pop Culture, Uncategorized · Add Comment 

Ever want to take on an opponent in court from the comfort of your living room?  This legal themed chess set might provide an outlet.

Approach the Bench” was designed by a lawyer’s son as a gift to his dad.  After realizing there aren’t many legal-themed chess sets out there, the man behind the idea decided to make his own.


From the website:

The chessboard is uniquely “stepped” to resemble a jury-box and a bench…  handcrafted from cold cast bronze and Italian stone tile.

You can also see Lady Justice as the Queen, a bailiffs as knights, attorneys as bishops, and casebook piles as rooks.

My favourite: the small army of sleepy jury members as pawns.

Maybe if real-life chess games were brought back into style, the image of an advocate as a civil, patient, strategist would come back into focus.  What do you think?




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