Thomas Wisdom was Really Cool

One of the founding members of Law is Cool, Thomas Wisdom, passed away this weekend, just days before his 30th birthday. Service times at Ogden Funeral Home later this week can be found here.

Thomas was a dear friend who helped get this site off the ground when we first started. We started law school at the same time, but went to different schools.

He helped co-host our very first podcast here, and in Podcast #10 he shares some of the challenges he faced after completing his first year at Osgoode Hall.

Here is a list of some of some of his contributions to this site:

Review: How Many Clients Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb

Love, Actionable

A Canadian Law Student in Florence

A Film Review: The Trials of Law School

Website Review:

CUPE 3903 Strike Update from Osgoode

“I hereby sentence you to crappy music.”

Wireless Internet in Class: Bad for your Reputation?

Who Says Lawyers Are Rats?

Osgoode Jumps on the JD Bandwagon

Kiss Me… Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

The Wall

This post serves to honour the memory of Thomas Wisdom, who was also a very talented artist.  A sample of some of his work follows.

I miss you man.

Check out more of his work on Deviant Art.

2 Comments on "Thomas Wisdom was Really Cool"

  1. Thomas was one of my favourite people at law school. I did not know him well, but two things he said have long stuck with me.

    Once, when we were discussing our shared employment at grocery stores, he told me “Working at No Frills was great. I got a raise every time the minimum wage went up.” He was hilarious, and his humour was often both pointed and poignant.

    Another time, during a seminar on labour law, he was asked by the professor if he wanted to do labour or management side work. He replied, “Well, I want to work with employees, because, you know, I’ve got a soul”.

    He was a really sweet guy and I am sure that for the people that truly knew Thomas, this is a loss beyond description.

    My heart goes out to those people, and to his family.

  2. I just happened on this post while visiting the site. I never met Thomas Wisdom, but from the look of his doodles, its obvious an amazing talent is gone. I think LSUC should use his covers – they really bring a quirky and enticing touch to otherwise boring and intimidating materials. The profession is poorer without him.

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