Pay Your Student Loan Off – In Cash

Do law school student loans have you feeling down? Well here’s a story to make you smile, of the UofT law graduate who paid off his student loans in cash.

Alysha Hasham of the Toronto Star reports:

There is only one way to pay off a $114,460.30 student loan in one go: in style.

For University of Toronto law graduate Alex Kenjeev, that meant strolling up to the bank and dropping a Longo’s reusable bag stuffed with bills of varying denominations onto the counter.

“I would like to make a deposit,” he said to the cashier.

The cashier was floored — and so was the Internet, after an unknown friend took Kenjeev’s Facebook photo of the bank receipt and posted it on Reddit, a user-generated news website, where it got thousands of comments.

“It was a spontaneous decision,” said Kenjeev. “It’s a milestone in your life to be debt-free all of a sudden and I thought: Why not have a bit of fun with it?”