lawTechCamp 2012 is Looking for Students

Are you interested in the intersection between law and technology? Here’s a message from the sponsors:

After the great success we had last year with lawTechCamp,we are back again this year and are looking for people to suggest, present sessions, and volunteers.

As a refresher, lawTechCamp is a BarCamp-style communityUnConference for new media and technology enthusiasts and legal professionalsincluding bloggers, twitters, technology lawyers, social networkers, and anyonecurious about new media and the law.

lawTechCamp is all about you, the participants. We want theparticipants, to dictate what sessions are covered at lawTechCamp, and topresent them. The only thing to rememberis that topics should bridge technology and law in some way. This could meantechnology that could help in the practice of law. Or legal issues that affectthe development of technology. Last year, we had sessions on knowledgemanagement for law firms, social media and the law, IP issues, and cloudcomputing.

If you would like to present, or volunteer lawTechcamp,please go to our website.