About Those Robocalls…

Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro was himself behind two robocalls on election day, the Calgary Herald revealed today. Del Mastro’s campaign manager, Jeff Westlake, sent recorded messages to constituents reminding them that it was election day and offering rides, but only identified the caller as “Jeff.”

The problem is that the Member of Provincial Parliament for Peterborough is named Jeff Leal, and many constituents were confused.  He also happens to be a Liberal, and claims calls were made during the Provincial election calling him a “baby killer.”

Del Mastro hired Nick Kouvalis of Campaign Research to make his calls.  Kouvalis denies any wrongdoing,

He did identify the campaign office phone number on the call display. And Jeff, his campaign manager, introduced himself at the front of the script. I think they could have done a better job on identification, but it’s pretty clear.

On Kouvalis’ LinkedIn page, there is a single recommendation which states,

Nick and his entire team at Campaign Research are a pleasure to work with. They customize a plan to fit our needs, and deliver great results every time.

The author of the recommendation?  None other than a Jeff Westlake, Constituency Assistant at Office of Dean Del Mastro.

Great results indeed. Liberals are calling for a Royal Commission to get to the bottom of it.