Discrimination at the University of Ottawa?

Khalid Aba-Alkhail, Manal AlSaigh, and Waleed Alghaithy, three physicians from Saudi Arabia, have filed a lawsuit against the University of Ottawa for over $150 million dollars. The doctors were enrolled in postgraduate medical education programs at the university, where they claimed the experienced discrimination and harassment resulting in the termination of their enrollment.

UofO Student Appeal Centre director Mireille Gervais appears to support the plaintiffs,

I’ve seen some of the evidence that supports the claim, and I am continuously in shock to see how far the university’s misbehaviour and egregious behaviour in this case has gone. There’s documented evidence to support the fact that there really was a conspiracy toward these students.

The university however released a statement yesterday denying the allegations. The CBC reports that the university spokesperson stated,

…the university “denies all allegations of wrongdoing made in the suit. The claims are entirely false, and the university will be vigorously defending itself against this suit, and defending the quality and the integrity of its medical education programs.”

The statement goes on to say that the faculty of medicine “has been welcoming foreign medical students for more than 30 years, and boasts one of the largest numbers of foreign residents and fellows in Canada, the majority of whom have successfully achieved the required academic standards for graduation.”

“We take pride in our diversity and high standards, and believe that they contribute to our excellence,” the university said.

The plaintiff’s Statement of Claim, which is over 120 pages long and was filed on November 24, 2011, is below.

ABA-ALKHAIL Et Al vs University of Ottawa Et Al

A reader contacted us to provide the following materials. Although the veracity of the emails cannot be vouched for directly, the related motion is confirmed as an actual reported decision:

Neuroleaks Decision + materials

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  1. A side story here is why on earth you would have a 120 page Statement of Claim. Does Ontario not have the same rule as they do in the jurisdictions I’m familiar with that a Claim is supposed to be brief?

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