Equity & Diversity Pre-Law Internship Program Proposal

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Equity & Diversity Pre-Law Internship Program Proposal

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP (the “Firm”) has a strong commitment to providing legal services in a workplace which is rich in perspectives, backgrounds and cultures. In achieving this commitment, starting in the summer of 2011 the Firm wishes to offer an opportunity for an undergraduate student from a Canadian University to work in a law firm environment focussing on equity and diversity initiatives within the Firm. Currently our plan is to run the Internship in either May or June.

By creating an Equity & Diversity Pre-Law Internship Program, this will result in the creation of a position within the Firm’s Toronto office to work on equity and diversity initiatives and projects within the Firm (the “Pre-Law Internship”).

The Pre-Law Internship will provide an opportunity for an undergraduate student who is considering law school to gain work experience in a law firm environment, to observe lawyers in the workplace and to perform a variety of tasks and work on specific projects in the areas of equity and diversity. The Firm will define the scope of the tasks and activities for the Intern.

In addition to fostering a working relationship with the student who is awarded the Pre-Law Internship, another benefit of the program will be the development of a mutually beneficial relationship between the Firm and the participating Universities. Moreover, the students will benefit from exposure to life in a law firm and lawyers may act as a mentor to the student who has future career aspirations in law.

The Firm would be responsible for:

  • providing the Intern with a variety of activities and tasks as well as to ensure a positive experience at the Firm;
  • providing the Intern with feedback and evaluation on tasks performed;
  • compensating the Intern for a 4 week period at a rate of $20/hour.

Interested applicants should email their application to Kari Abrams, Director of Student Recruitment and Development at kari.abrams@blakes.com.

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Fathima Cader
Fathima Cader is in her first year of law at the University of British Colombia. She received a BSc in Life Sciences and a BAH in English from Queen's University and an MA in English from the University of Toronto. Her legal and academic interests include social justice law, cultural studies, and digital media studies. She freelances as a web and graphic designer.

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  1. Anita Kissi | May 5, 2011 at 10:26 am |

    Dear Kari Abrams,

    I discovered this legal internship opportunity while browsing the web for legal related internships for undergraduates/2011 graduates. I am very interested and have two questions for you: when is the application deadline and how may I apply for this internship?


    Anita Kissi

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