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  2. I can speak with first hand experience that the justice system fails the average citizen.

    I appeared before nine judges in a case that dealt with elder abuse and the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars and the premature death of my mother caused by the neglect of her care by her caregiver who was also her power of attorney.

    Only one of those judges treated me with respect and took the time to read my affidavits and factums, and to consider my evidence.

    The evidence included 189 cancelled cheques all written by the power of attorney for her personal benefit, a forged promissory note and several false documents given the court by the counsel for that power of attorney.

    The judiciary found nothing wrong with the power of attorney taking an elderly woman’s money, a woman who had been declared to be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. They awarded costs against me that exceeded $100,000.00 and found a judge to declare me a vexatious litigant for trying to keep my mother’s money safe.

    I have been to the Court of Appeal, who could only say they didn’t believe me, regardless of the evidence before them. Now I am waiting to hear if the Supreme Court will grant me leave to appeal the Court of Appeal ruling.


    James Bishop

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