Law is Cool wins Blawg Review of the Year

Blawg Review is an international peer-reviewed blog carnival, presenting various recent blog posts with a legal connection, traveling to different legal blogs every week. I had the pleasure of hosting Blawg Review 249 on Slaw, and Blawg Review 278 here on Law is Cool.

In Blawg Review 300, the editor at Blawg Review looked at the posts for 2010 and took various submissions from the online legal community for the Blawg Review of the Year.  Last night the announcement was made that Blawg Review 278 was the winner.

This is great exposure for the site and the Canadian legal community, so let’s hope we have more Canadians hosting future Blawg Reviews in the coming year.

3 Comments on "Law is Cool wins Blawg Review of the Year"

  1. Way to go guys, you deserve the award. Law topics, while normally are very dry, come to life in your posts. I enjoy reading them. Congratulations.

  2. Thank you everyone for your support.

  3. Congrats for the deserving award!! The type of coverage to topics of law is interesting.

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