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Ryan Venables
Ryan Venables is a third year law student at the University of Western Ontario. He holds B.A. (2001) from the University of Western Ontario in Political Science and Sociology. Ryan was also enrolled in a M.A.- Journalism at the University of Western Ontario before withdrawing to attend law school. Before pursuing a formal education in law, Ryan served with the York Regional Police as a police officer for five years specializing in organized crime. He also served in the Special Investigations Section with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for two years. His legal interests include employment/labour, criminal, family, and human rights law. When Ryan is done law school he will be articling with Ross & McBride LLP in Hamilton, Ontario.

1 Comment on "Case Comment – Gomboc Decision, 2010 SCC 55"

  1. Nice case comment. I enjoyed the read.
    There are three things that bug me about this case:
    1. Why didn’t the police just get a warrant?
    2. Why didn’t the crown try to argue that they would have been able to get a warrant without the DRA?
    3. Doesn’t the fact that he bypassed his meter show that he -didn’t- have a reasonable expectation, subjective or objective, of privacy? I’m sure that the reason he bypassed his meter was that he believed, honestly and reasonably, that if Enmax knew he was using obscene amounts of power, they would tell the police.

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