2010 CLawBies

2010 Canadian Law Blog Finalist

The 2010 Canadian Law Blog Awards are out!

Law is Cool was a finalist for the Legal Culture Award. In the past, we won the Legal Culture Award in 2009 and 2007, and were finalists in 2008. This year we also scored a shout out in the Friends of the North Award for hosting the Blog Review in August.

Thanks to everyone who nominated us, and to all the contributors and readers who have helped build this site. Congrats as well to all this year’s winners. Here’s to 2011, another year of community!

About the Author

Fathima Cader
Fathima Cader is in her first year of law at the University of British Colombia. She received a BSc in Life Sciences and a BAH in English from Queen's University and an MA in English from the University of Toronto. Her legal and academic interests include social justice law, cultural studies, and digital media studies. She freelances as a web and graphic designer.