CSIS tapped phone despite order

Can you blame people if their response to this kind of news is cynicism?

CSIS tapped phone despite order
Agents violated solicitor-client privilege, recorded 171 calls involving accused terrorist

By Andrew Duffy, The Ottawa Citizen
November 16, 2010

Federal security agents recorded 171 phone calls between suspected terrorist Mahmoud Jaballah and his lawyers after they agreed to halt the practice in December 2008.

That revelation is contained in a recent order issued by Federal Court Judge Kevin Aalto, who condemns the repeated breaches of solicitor-client privilege.

“Solicitor-client privilege is virtually sacrosanct in the Canadian judicial system,” Aalto said in ordering two federal agencies to turn over a raft of documents to Jaballah’s defence team.

I’m also concerned about how this implicates the federal lawyers who had access to this privileged information. What role might the Law Society have in rectifying this abuse of power?

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