Law is Cool Podcast Featured in National Newspaper

The Law is Cool podcast, which has run on this site for over three years, was featured this week in The Lawyers Weeekly, one of Canada’s main legal publications.

The article interviews Omar Ha-Redeye, the site’s founder and podcast host for much of this period. It also mentions Devin Johnston, who ran the podcasts for some of this time as well.

So do you want to get coast-to-coast media coverage in publications that every partner in every law firm reads? Looks like you might have a chance:

“Since we’ve [Ha-Redeye and Devin Johnston, who also worked on podcasts for the legal blog Law Is Cool] started articling we haven’t had any podcasts at all, because we simply don’t have the time to do it,” Ha-Redeye says. “We need a new law student to take over the show.”

Drop us a line if you’re interested.

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