How About a 91% Tax Rate?

2 Comments on "How About a 91% Tax Rate?"

  1. This was a great little talk that clearly shows the divide in this country and why we cannot get Congress to act. No one is talking about 91% but an increase in the highest tax bracket rates would seem reasonable, except when you talk with Republicans. That is the fundamental problem. Our tax code has always been progressive, the more you make the more the government takes. This is needed to make our government work and to protect us and to be a powerful country. But for some reason Republicans treat this a socialism. Not sure how to change perceptions and philosophy on this one, bu something better change soon as we are in deep trouble in this country.

  2. Great discussion on marginal tax brackets. It seems pretty obvious that raising the tax brackets for the richest in the country would not be the worst thing that ever happened in this country. It would probably help a tremendous amount. However, it is doubtful that this would ever happen.

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