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The Lawyers Weekly, Canada’s first print news publication for legal professionals, has profiled Omar Ha-Redeye, founder of this site.

You can read the profile by Christopher Guly on the website here,

Ha-Redeye established the Western Law Review Association, a group dedicated to publishing a student-run law review at UWO, and was active in various groups on campus, including as president of the Black Law Students’ Association, Health Law Club and Mature Students Club.

But his activities are best known in cyberspace.

Even before being called to the Ontario Bar, Ha-Redeye has made an impression on the profession with his blogs and postings on legal issues.

He runs his own website (, as well as a blog and podcast on Canadian law schools ( and regularly contributes to the legal weblog,

Now, he’s on the path to practising law.

This site is currently transitioning to a whole new line of administrators, and we expect equally great and exciting things from them in the years to come.

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