The G20 Class Action

via CBC news:

A woman who says she was in a crowd detained by police for hours at a Toronto intersection during a G20 protest has launched a $45-million class-action lawsuit against the Toronto Police Services Board and the federal attorney general.

Sherry Good is acting as the representative plaintiff for more than 800 people who claim they were wrongfully arrested during the G20 summit in late June.

She is among about 500 people who were hemmed in by hundreds of riot police at the intersection of Queen Street West and Spadina Avenue for several hours in the rain on June 27.

5 Comments on "The G20 Class Action"

  1. $45 million is too little.

  2. JamesHalifax | August 9, 2010 at 3:51 pm |

    You forget to mention an important point.

    She CLAIMS she was not involved in the protest that day…..but fail to mention she was indeed a protestor. She was not simply an innocent passerby caught up in the event.

    You will note as well, that the people in the lawsuit never brought the action of their own free will. A typical “ambulance chaser” type lawyer put out the word he was looking for business in the hopes of a good sized payday. Of course, you will always have the freeloaders jump on the bandwagon to get a piece of the action.

  3. James, when did participating in a protest become a crime? You said that because she was a protestor she was not an “innocent” passerby.

    As for the argument about ambulance chasing, you really ought to do some research into the firm behind this class action before making a claim like that.

  4. JamesHalifax | August 12, 2010 at 12:33 pm |

    Lawrence, she stated she was a protestor, but not involved in the protest where she was arrested. I simply don’t believe her.

    As for the ambulance chasing comment…..go read the story again. The lawyer was soliciting those who were arrested….he was not answering a call to arms by a group of protestors.

    He’s like one of those leeches in America who advertise on TV that they will get you “more money” than any other lawyer.

    If someone needs a lawyer, they should hire one. When the Lawyer starts chasing you down and telling you you can make lots of money…’s cause for concern.

  5. I’ll say it again: do some research.

    By the way, almost all class actions are started by a lawyer who then goes out and finds a representative plaintiff. That’s just a reality of our system.

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