What Law Schools Don’t Want you to Know

A reader wrote in to us about this post about 15 Facts Law Schools Don’t Want You to Know:

1. Books are incredibly expensive, and you might never use them again.
2. Your first year of law school will already be laid out for you.
3. Your grades will be curved.
4. Law school debts could total well over $100,000.
5. What school you go to does matter.
6. Your chances of getting a high paid job are slim.
7. You can expect to work much more than 40 hours a week as a lawyer.
8. The bar exam requires you to study for months, and even after that 33% fail.
9. Breaks aren’t really breaks– you must spend them working.
10. Law school won’t teach you business skills.
11. Grades aren’t the end all.
12. Only 54 percent of all working-age law school grads are able to make it as a lawyer.
13. Fewer new grads are able to find jobs.
14. Law schools lure in minority students to improve diversity rankings without disclosing that less than half of African-Americans who enter these programs ever pass the bar.
15. Schools create misleading employment statistics by temporarily hiring new grads and spotlighting kids who land top-paying jobs, while ignoring the fact that most students make far-lower average incomes.

While many of these are true, others are more relevant in the American context than in Canada. For example, where you go to school matters far less in Canada (#5), where all schools are publicly funded and are considered first-tier. Bar exam pass rates are far better in Canada as well (#8, #15).

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  1. I read the blog post regularly and I find this post to be very true. As a graduate in personal injury law based in the UK I was very lucky to get a job with an accident advice helpline. It took me a while to learn the ropes of the business and I agree on the point that Grades aren’t the end all.

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