No Pardon for Karla Hamolka

No matter how good she scores on LSAT Karla Homolka wont be able to gain admission to law school until at least 2015.

With the passing of the new Bill C-23A, Karla Homolka, the ex-wife of the infamous Scarborough rapist, Paul Bernardo, will not only be unable to apply for a pardon but also wont have her law school application go through!

Federal Bill C-23A, Limiting Pardons for Serious Crimes Act, in June 29th, those “convicted of a serious personal injury offence, including manslaughter, who received a prison term of two years or more” will not be able to apply for pardon until at least 10 years past the end of their sentence. According to Lawyers Weekly the bill was rushed through Parliament to prevent Karla Homolka from being eligible to apply for a pardon on July 1st. Rumors abound that on her path to getting her life back on track, Mrs. Homolka is interested in getting a law degree in Ontario.

Lucky for her, she wont have to face the dreadful and demoralizing 1L exams for at least another 5 years thanks to Bill C-23A.

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  1. Is there a mistake? According to my calculations, 2015 is not 16 years from now…

  2. oh its 2010 already? i should check the calender more often. ya Vitali that was a mistake!

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