Articling Positions are Cool Too

It’s no secret that the economic crisis has affected the legal industry by reducing the number of entry-level positions in the field.  And although Canada is still positioned better than the U.S., there are many people here being affected by this as well.

The graduating class of 2010 is particularly affected given the less number of articling positions available.  Unlike some jurisdictions outside of Canada, where students can be licensed and practice as a lawyer straight out of law school, an articling position remains a prerequisite for admission to the bar.

We’re setting up a page on this site to list some articling positions available, to help students and potential employers find themselves.  We’re going to try to offer this project free of charge, as a service to our primary readership, law students and members of the legal community.

We encourage law firms, sole practitioners, and career service officers to contact us to help us populate this page and keep it current.  Because it’s all fine and dandy to go to law school for three years and pay enormous amounts of tuition, but it would be pretty cool to get called to the bar as well.

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