‘Nazi’ listed as an identifiable victim group in Toronto Police’s 2009 hate crime stats report

In the article below Karolyn Coorsh shares some mind-blowing news about the latest act of incompetence by Toronto’s finest. This is yet another bizarre act where Toronto cops are upside down and inside out in their approach to dealing with bias crime in the city. It comes on the heels of an ongoing civil case by a young Jewish lawyer in the city who is suing the Toronto Police Service for defamation after they incorrectly classified him as a nazi when speaking to staff at York University (where he was a student). It is also on top of complaints raised by anti-fascist / anti-racist activists in Toronto between 2004-2006, who reported being harassed by, of all people, members of the hate crimes unit of the Toronto Police Service. Similar complaints were also raised in 2007.

Can Nazis be victims of hate?

‘Nazi’ listed as an identifiable victim group in Toronto Police’s 2009 hate crime stats report

By Karolyn Coorsh
May 7, 2010

Can Nazis be victims of hate?

According to Toronto Police’s 2009 report on hate and bias crime statistics, they can indeed.

In the report presented to the Police Services Board on April 22, Nazi is listed as one of the 27 identified victim groups targeted in hate-motivated criminal acts in 2009.

Under the breakdown of occurrences by police division, “Nazi” is listed as the victim group for one mischief offence that was reported in 13 Division. The west-end division polices parts of Forest Hill, Davenport, Cedarvale and Dovercourt.

In the report’s executive summary, Nazi also appears under the listing of “new victim group” for 2009; these are the identifiable groups that have not appeared in the previous hate/bias crime reports.

The category is puzzling, given that Nazi typically refers to a political party. Political organizations do not appear to fall under any of the hate/bias category codes used throughout the report’s charts and tables.

The Toronto Police definition of hate/bias crime is a “criminal offence committed against a person or property, where there is evidence that the offence was motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on the victim’s race, nationality or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, sex, age mental of physical disability, sexual orientation, or any other similar factor.”

“How does Nazi fit into that,” questioned Bernie Farber, of the Canadian Jewish Congress, when the category was pointed out by the Town Crier.

“A Nazi can never be a victim but only a victimizer,” he said.

There’s no further elaboration in the report on what a Nazi is by definition, but the report notes that victim groups are categorized according to the suspect’s perception. For example, if an individual is attacked because he is wrongly perceived by the suspect as being homosexual, the individual still becomes the victim of gay bashing,
and the attack is categorized as a hate crime targeting sexual orientation.

A representative from the Toronto Police’s Hate Crime Unit declined to comment on the report May 6. A call to the Toronto Police communications department did not yield any immediate replies.

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  1. Chris Kentebe | March 27, 2011 at 1:45 am |

    Please I need help in suing a Dr (Board member CPSO) who logged into my hospital file (twice) and wrote about my medical conditions and medications I was on in a court document.

    The doctor, is my ex wife’s husband. The very first time I met him was when I took my pregnant wife to him. They started going out to movies and dinner while I was at work and when I complained, she said he was gay.

    She divorced me and later married him.

    When I eventually left my job with the Govt, and wanted my support payments of $800 changed, the Doctor filed papers in court listing my medical conditions and medications and said, that as a medical doctor, he has submitted forms for people who could not work and he believed I was lying.

    He also added that he did not believed i was ever Provincial Heavyweight boxing champion (which i was as well as a silver medal winner in the Canadian boxing championships).

    I have lost over $600,000 and cannot afford a lawyer.

    Please, could I get someone to help me? Please.

    After complaining and fighting the Medical College, they eventually issued the Doctor a warning but they made life as difficult as possible.

    Please, I need help.

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