Spider-Man Thwarts Robbery in Australia

You hear about that movie about the kids that dress up as superheroes, without any superpowers?  Well those kids might be on to something.

Michael Baulderstone is a 45-year-old comic book owner in Australia who dressed up in a Spider-Man costume for a promotional event at his store. He just happened to catch a shoplifter, and lucky for him the Jedi Knights were nearby to lend a hand.

The Times Online has the story:

Mingling among the customers in fancy dress — including a Wolverine, a Catwoman and someone dressed as Kick-Ass, the character from the recent British film about a hapless American teenager who creates his own superhero character to fight crime — Mr Baulderstone noticed someone acting suspiciously.

The customer, who was dressed as himself — a comic fan in an overcoat and jeans – allegedly picked up an X-Man Omnibus (worth $AU160, or £97) from the shop window display.

Okay, it’s not exactly foiling a bank robbery or defeating a super crime villain.  But can you say,”I’m going to jail”?

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  1. This looks so classic. The goofy movies seem to be always the funniest. LOL

  2. so classic so cute :D LOL

  3. LOL some movies seldome make me fine

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