Law is Cool wins a 2009 CLawBie

2009 Canadian Law Blog Awards WinnerThe Canadian Law Blog Awards, or CLawBies,  highlight great blogs  by the Canadian legal industry.

This site has been fortunate enough to receive recognition from the awards in 2008 and 2007.

Once again, Law is Cool has made a strong showing in the awards.  Thanks to everyone, and we do mean everyone, who helped make this possible.

3) Legal Culture AwardLaw is Cool – Two of the fastest rising stars in Canadian legal blogging just happen to be law students. Lawrence Gridin and Omar Ha-Redeye lead an impressive group of contributors at Law is Cool, and are seeding the queue with more law student bloggers for the future. Bravo! Culture doesn’t happen without a little sweat equity.  Runner ups: Precedent, Dynamic Lawyers Parody Videos

As always, we’re still looking for more 1Ls to join the team to keep moving the site forward in future years.

About the Author

Law is Cool
This site is intended to provide a resource for those interested in law. Current law students, graduates preparing for their bar exam, and members of the general public, can all benefit from a deeper understanding of the legal framework that helps shape our society.

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