Podcast: UWO Arrest and Campus Police Use of Force (Episode 24)


In October of this year, Irnes Zeljkovic was arrested at the University of Western Ontario by the UWO Campus Police. The arrest was caught on tape by at least two bystanders, who posted videos of the arrest to YouTube. In the videos, the six officers appear to strike Zeljkovic repeatedly with fists, knees, and a metal baton. The incident has raised questions about whether the Campus Police used excessive force in the arrest. The University has now hired a former Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner to review the incident.

On today’s show, Omar Ha-Redeye discusses the Zeljkovic arrest with Phillip Millar and Ryan Venables. Millar is an associate with Cohen Highley LLP in London and is counsel to Irnes Zeljkovic. He is also a former Crown prosecutor and served in the Canadian Forces. Venables is a former police constable and currently a first-year law student at the University of Western Ontario.

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