A contract to end the homework

How one family won the battle to ban homework

Shelli and Tom Milley were exhausted by the weepy weeknight struggles over math problems and writing assignments with their three school-aged children. They were fed up with rushing home from soccer practice or speed skating only to stand over their kids tossing out answers so they could finish and get to bed. …

So … the two Calgary lawyers finally negotiated a unique legal contract: their kids will never have to do homework again.

Milleys’ Differentiated Homework Plan

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3 Comments on "A contract to end the homework"

  1. My parents never did this for me!!!!!!

  2. Can we do this for law school?

  3. Haha, seriously.. I think this is good and bad. It is good in the sense that sometimes teachers give you just worthless and time consuming projects. I was lucky enough to go to private schools and quite frankly, most of my assignments were pretty necessary towards learning the important aspects of the subject. As much as everyone hates math, I believe that is one the subjects that is great for enhancing your critical thinking skills. It comes in hand later in life especially for the simple things that most people have problems doing fast.. If you know what I mean.

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