Balsillie continues his fight for Phoenix Coyotes

There are some new developments in the fight to bring the hockey team from Arizona to Hamilton.

Lawyers expected to grill Bettman

David Shoalts writes for the Globe and Mail:

… Judge Baum raised a third possible outcome early in yesterday’s hearing – no sale at all.

“I would say that’s more than a possibility,” the judge added, as an audible stir went through the courtroom. That came out in the morning while one of Moyes’s lawyers, Jordan Kroop, was arguing that the financial penalties owed to Glendale if the arena lease was terminated should be capped under bankruptcy law.

If there is no sale, presumably the Coyotes would remain in Glendale indefinitely with the NHL continuing to pay the losses, which were in excess of $60-million (all figures U.S.) last season.


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