The heavy hand of family law

Domestic abuse law blasted

Ontario’s “zero tolerance” policy on domestic violence has come into question following an unusual court case involving an Orangeville-area woman who was charged with assault after joking in emails that she could solve her marital problems with a gun, if only she could get one.

Alison Shaw, 40, was forced out of her home and ordered to stay away from her three children after her estranged husband claimed to have been “frightened” by the online missive, which followed what a judge described as a “one-punch bar fight” over a month earlier in an area Legion hall.


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  1. Oh I see. If it were a man, he’d be thrown in jail for threatening communication. But, no it’s a woman, so there’s an outcry over the law. Well, so much for gender equality that *gasp* women are fighting so hard for.

    It seems that women’s groups and other pushing such “zero tolerance” laws only want them to apply to men and want to use the family law system as a weapon against the male population. Despicable.

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