Deadly insulation: Zonolite Lawsuit deadline Aug 31.

Don’t mess around with the insulation in your house. It may be Zonolite. It’s made from minerals naturally laced with asbestos, the deadliest type of asbestos known as Tremolite.

It costs money to remove it. A lot of it. If you get a jump on things and get involved with the lawsuit, depending on where your house is located (U.S. or Canada), homeowners can get some assistance. In the U.S., up to $7500 and in Canada homeowners can also get some money, some good gas money. $300 to those who can prove the presence of Zonolite and costs incurred to contain the insulation, plus an additional $600 for those who’ve taken major remedial measures like removal. And the average cost of removal is $7000 to $8000.

The company that developed Zonolite, W.R. Grace has filed for bankruptcy and the terms of settlement are outlined above. However, Aug. 31 is the deadline for any Canadian home lined with Zonolite to bring a claim, whereas homes in the U.S. can still bring a claim after Aug. 31.

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  1. how do i know if the insulation in my home contains Zonolite?

  2. Drew Robertson | December 1, 2011 at 7:42 am |

    In the 1970s, Zonolite was the insulation of choice, suggested by the federal government. As a result, we poured countless bags of it into the attic and down the walls of a very old farm house where we continue to live. Are government or other funds available to cover the cost of removal of this insulation and replace it with a safer material?

  3. If Zonolite was the insulation of choice in the 70’s and was recommended by the federal government, it seems that the feds have some liability here: negligent advice that they expected would be acted upon.

    Do you have any documentation concerning these recommendations? A class action law firm might be able to put them to good use.

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