Law is Cool Listed in Top 100 Best Blogs for Law School Students

The Online Schools blog listed Law is Cool as one of the Top 100 blogs internationally for law students:

Blogs from Law School Students

Peer experience is an important resource for any student. Law students rely on classmates for notes, projects and advice. Here are the best blogs for law students by law students.

  1. Life of a Law Student: This blog follows the efforts of a student trying to earn his law degree.
  2. Law Student: An amazing resource for law students, this blog has outlines and tips to help ease the burden excess studies cause.
  3. Reason and Liberty: A third year student at the University of Michigan, this law student blogs about topics relating to students.
  4. Full Metal Attorney: The posts offered by this Nebraska law student, range from clever article to adorable doodles.
  5. Lunching With Lions: A blog from a law student based in Austin, Texas, the posts on this site are funny and insightful.
  6. Law School for Dummies: This bloggers is a student at a southern law school writing about the obstacles trying to become a lawyer.
  7. Starting to Melt: A blog from a mom, this law school students must juggle family and studies.
  8. Legal Geekery: This bloggers is a third year law student at Penn State and writes about topics effecting the legal community.
  9. This Way Up: From a student at the University of Washington, Seattle, this blogger writers about being an advocate while still in school.
  10. So The Bear Says: This blog from a Baylor Law student muses on the value and future of his education.
  11. Butterfly: A blog from a law student juggling marriage, work and law school. Most posts deal with legal studies but many offer advice for dealing with life stress.
  12. Divine Angst: An entire career in law school is documented on this blog written by a clever, graduating student.
  13. Legan Numbness: This well-written blog details the pitfalls of first year law student.
  14. Lawschoolblogger: The posts on this blog aim to distract its author from the stress of being a law student. Check out his hilarious writing.
  15. Wish I Would Have Known: With advice and information from current and past law students, this blogs gives students all the advice they need to know.
  16. Law Is Cool: A fun, interesting blog for Canadian law students, this site has forums for discussion in addition to excellent articles.
  17. Catholic Student-at-Law: This blogger uses his articles to reconcile the differences between the legal practice and religious faith.
  18. Brown Boy Blog: A blogger based in Texas, this student writes about being a minority in law school.
  19. Eagleionline: A blog from Boston College law students, the posts on this site provide students an outlet for frustration.
  20. Legal Lane: A law student blogs the details of her life, follow the fun and excitement at this site.
  21. Law Ingenue: Follow the tales of this on-traditional law student as she rises through the legal ranks.
  22. Law School Funk: The chronicles of this law student are hilarious and fun to read. His musings on tests, class competition and summer internships have a lot of information in addition to being entertaining.

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