August 1: A Day Of Remembrance

By: Ainsley Brown · August 1, 2009 · Filed Under Civil Rights, Diversity in Law, Ethics, Law Foundations, Legal Reform, Politics · Add Comment 

This is part of the Middle Passage Law Series and is cross posted on Commercial Law International.

Why am I wearing all black today?

Am I in mourning? No, not exactly. Then why?

Well it is August 1: Emancipation Day. Remember

I am wearing black today not to so much mourn but to remember. To remember that it was today 175 years ago that the British set my ancestors free – well in a manner, they still had six years of apprenticeship to look forward to. Why? Because being free people made them some how forget all the skills acquired during a lifetime of toil.  

The Slavery Abolition Act 1833 took effect one year after passage this day 1834 and outlawed slavery in the British empire – including British North America aka Canada – with the exception of all but a hand fully of territories.

So I remember – let’s remember together.


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